Here's what others have to say about working with Coach Grace:

"I have worked with Grace at several different points throughout the growth of my business. Grace is excellent at getting to the heart of the matter, asking the right questions to get to your solutions and offering different points of view to any one problem. Her insight and approach are invaluable - just when you think the problem can't be solved, here comes Grace to light the path(s) you should take. Helping corporate and business worlds look less scary, one person at a time - that should be her slogan. With Grace in your corner, you'll be sure to succeed!" Vision Consultant

“As a young professional Grace’s guidance and experience have enable me to gain further confidence and understanding of my career skills.”  Information Technician

“Grace’s coaching has been personally and professionally rewarding, motivational and instrumental in the advance of my career.  I have learned how to be more strategic in my career and in navigating the political landscape of not only the workplace, but also in the many civic and professional organizations that I am also a member.  I have also learned how to manage my emotional intelligence in both personal and professional situations.”  Project Manager

“During our time together she has helped me to find workable approaches to complex situations that would have been more daunting to tackle on m own.  She has also taught me some valuable tools that I will continue to use throughout my career.  I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to work with Grace.”  Manager

“Grace has been helpful in allowing me to figure out what goals are important to me and to have the courage to face the solutions I know are right for me, even when difficult. While there are still several areas that need revamping I have been able to honestly assess where I am and where I want to be.”  Office Assistant

"Grace was instrumental in assisting me to see my potential in areas that I had not previously considered.  With her suggestions and guidance, I am now more focused about my career goals and better able to develop steps on meeting those goals." J. Bouler 

“Grace is an extremely effective HR business partner. She is very skilled in coaching.” Senior Manager, Service Experience 

“Grace is the epitome of a professional and her level of commitment to confidentiality and customer service is unmatched.” Usability Program Manager/Executive Assistant/Office Manager 

“Grace has the unique ability to balance the company's goals and mission with the individual employees needs. She is extremely perceptive, and creates an environment of respect and accountability.” Managing Director 

"It is always nice to find someone who treats you with consideration and respect. It’s especially helpful when they’re also really good at what they do.” Assistant General Counsel 

“Grace has a calming demeanor and is very easy to work with.” Senior Manager, Talent Management 

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