Lendor Consulting

Business leaders are constantly evaluating the organization’s goals.  A key component to achieving those goals is having competent and effective managers. The first step is to hire or promote technically proficient staff. The second step is to identify the top talent and retain them through a leadership development plan.  
When aligning staff with the organization’s goals, leaders ask the following: 
  • How effective are the managers at setting clear goals/expectations for their staff?
  • How skilled are the managers at motivating others to perform and holding them accountable?
  •  How well do the managers manage up/out within the organization?
  • Which manager is adept at recognizing or navigating political landmines?
  • Are the roles and responsibilities clearly defined within the team or organization?
  • Which manager can be more effective through better time management?

 Lendor Consulting coaches corporate professionals to be effective managers, and lead with emotional intelligence.  

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