Individual & 360° Assessments

Assessments are tools that provide insight and increase communication and understanding between you, your staff and coworkers.   There are no right or wrong answers, only insightful results which provide valuable feedback of how others perceive you.   Each of these assessments can assist in-tact teams to increase their effectiveness, and leaders to create exceptional results.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) clarifies your preference for where you get your energy, how you take in information, how you organize that information, and how you interact with those around you.  These insights are most valuable when communicating with others, and effectively incorporating those preferences in your career.  

Conflict in life is inevitable. How you handle conflict, especially in the workplace, can propel or derail, your career. The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) assesses your tolerance for conflict, identifies your hot buttons, and increases your awareness of derailing behaviors.  The CDP can also be adminstered as a 360° degree assessment.

Part of being an effective leader is the ability to inspire people to follow.  The Tilt 360° Leadership Predictor (LP) is based on four must-have Meta-Factors for conscious leadership presence -- Wisdom, Humanity, Courage, and Resilience. The Tilt 360° LP, measures 48 Virtues that are Commendable Traits which are organized into 12 Core Character Strengths and gauges your ability to create the conditions for a highly effective team level climate.

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