Jan 26, 2012

6 Strategies for Managing a Micro-Manager

At some point in your career you will encounter a micro-manager.  If you have already had this experience, you are familiar with the frustration of being micro-managed.  You may not have handled it well and let your frustration show, possibly to the detriment of your career growth.  You may have even left a great job because you just could not take it any more.

If you have not met your micro-manager yet, you have been lucky...so far.  However, your luck may not hold out.  The key to working well with micro-managers is knowing how to manage them.   Use these 6 strategies to keep your level of frustration to a minimum.   

  1. Recognize that it's not you.  Managers micro-manage due to their lack of trust or confidence.  Don't take it personally.  It's really not about you.  
  2. Meet or beat your deadlines. Consistently meeting or beating deadlines shows that you can make a commitment and keep it.  This gains trust.  
  3. Take on a small part of a large project, and do excellent work. Submitting quality work will gain your manager's trust.  
  4. Check, double-check and triple-check your work.  You can do the check and double-check. For the triple-check, ask a trusted co-worker, and offer to do the same for him/her.
  5. Provide frequent and detailed updates.  Micro-managers need to have their finger on the pulse of what is going on.  Shower them with updates before they have an opportunity to ask.  
  6. Anticipate their questions.  Micro-managers want to make sure all bases are covered.  They will have lots of questions.  You need to have lots of answers.  Your ability and willingness to answer their questions will earn their trust and build their confidence in you.  
Remember, the key to managing a micro-manager effectively begins with gaining their trust.  While it may require some effort in the beginning, your upfront investment will pay off. 


  1. Hi Grace,
    I need to forward this article to someone close to me ASAP. Your tips would help out so much!

  2. Great tips for handling a micro-manager - possibly the most frustrating situation you will ever find yourself in.

  3. Thanks Sherrie. I hope your friend finds these tips helpful. I suggest they implement them one at a time.


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