Nov 1, 2011

Vacation Is So Underrated!

Some employers allow you to accrue 10 vacation days per year.  If you are a manager, and have been with the organization for more than five years, you may get three weeks.  At the Director and above level, you may get four weeks.  The question is, how much of your vacation time gets carried over in to the next calendar year?  Is it one week?  Two weeks?  Three?  Are you losing vacation time because you have hit the maximum accrual?  What is it costing you in productivity?  Taking vacation time benefits everyone.  How?
  • You have an opportunity to disconnect, decompress, and de-stress. This allows you to return to work refreshed and refocused.  
  • Your staff will have an opportunity to shine.  You have taken the time to train and develop them.  Now trust them to manage the workflow in your absence.  
  • Your organization will benefit from having a manager who recognizes the value of stepping away in order to refocus, and sets and example for their staff.  
Take some time to check your vacation accrual balance.  If taking a week off is not feasible over the next few months, due to business needs, take vacation time in smaller increments.  Take long weekends (i.e. Monday's or Friday's, Monday & Tuesday, or Thursday & Friday) or take a midweek break.  Do what works for you, but take some time off.  Your manager is not going to make you take your vacation, however they will definitely take theirs.  

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